Testing and Analysis of Elastomers for Users of MSC Marc


This is a hands-on workshop covering material testing, material modeling and finite element analysis of elastomers. Instructors from MSC.Software and Axel Products, Inc. present an integrated testing and analysis workshop featuring the experimental facilities of Axel Products, Inc. and MSC Marc software. Attendees perform elastomer experiments using laboratory instruments to create data appropriate for use in building elastomer material models in FEA. Material models are then developed and examined on workstations running MSC Marc.

This workshop is held at the Axel Products facility in Ann Arbor, MI.

Workshop Outline

  • Mechanics of Elastomers
  • Hyperelastic Material Models and Curve Fitting for
    • Neo-Hookean
    • Mooney-Rivlin
    • Ogden
    • Arruda-Boyce
    • Gent
  • Laboratory Experiments
    • Simple Tension
    • Pure Shear
    • Biaxial Extension
    • Volumetric Compression
    • Viscoelastic Property Measurements
    • Friction
  • Analysis Issues
    • Contact
    • Friction
    • Correlation of FEA and Experimental Data
  • Address Questions such as
    • How are these tests different than the ASTM tests we already do?
    • What are the effects of repeated loading?
    • Why do compression tests create problems for the analyst?

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picture of 7 students in Testing and Analysis of elastomers for users of MSC Marc workshop classroom

Analysis in the MSC-Marc Experimental Elastomer Analysis Workshop

picture of elastomer experiment fixtures to generate data for finite element analysis with MSC Marc: pure shear, biaxial extension, simple tension, volumetric compression

Elastomer Experiments to Generate Data appropriate for Finite Element Analysis with MSC Marc: Pure Shear, Biaxial Extension, Simple Tension, Volumetric Compression