Testing and Analysis of Structural Plastics for Users of ANSYS


This training course is available to ANSYS users. ANSYS, Inc. (www.ansys.com) teams with Axel Product, Inc. (www.axelproducts.com) to offer this course that covers material testing, material modeling and finite element analysis of structural plastics.

This workshop is held at the Axel Products facility in Ann Arbor, MI. (directions to Axel)

Workshop Outline

  • Uniaxial Behavior of Plastics
    • General Behavior
    • Rate Dependence
    • Temperature Dependence
  • Laboratory Experiments:
    • Simple Tension
    • Loading-unloading
    • Compression
    • Shear
    • Strain Fields with Digital Image Corrolation
    • Friction
  • Cyclic Behavior of Plastics:
    • Simple Loading-unloading Behavior
    • Repeated Cyclic Behavior
    • Creep and Relaxation
  • Topics Include:
    • Small Deformation Plasticity
    • Pressure Dependent Plasticity
    • Large Deformation Elasticity and Plasticity
    • Rate Dependent Plasticity

    To Register for this Workshop:

  • Workshop registration is administered through ANSYS. For more information, or to register for the workshop at the ANSYS web site:
    Please click here.
  • Price: $1800.00
  • Image of attendees in the ANSYS workshop.
    Analysis in the ANSYS Workshop

    plastic tensile test
    Plastic Experiments to Generate Data appropriate for Finite Element Analysis with ANSYS