Medical Materials Testing


The physical testing of medical materials is generally handled the same as other material applications and other sections of this web site apply. However there is the unique requirement that materials sometimes be tested in Saline at body temperature or in water at ocular temperature. Additional considerations may be required for physically small or very soft materials that occur regularly in medical applications.

This section is divided into sections as follows:

Testing in Saline Solution

Material testing in saline requires the use of saline recirculation and non-contact strain measurement.

elastomeric material in saline solution, tensile test, saline testing

Elastomeric Material in 37C Saline Solution

Testing Materials at Low Forces

Testing at low forces require low force load cells and very low mass gripping systems. In addition, very soft materials need non-contacting strain measurement.

very soft polymer film with low mass grips and video strain measurement, non-contacting measurement, tensile test

Very Soft Polymer Film with Low Mass Grips and Video Strain Measurement